Commonplace Notebook

In mid-summer, I filled up the last page in my commonplace notebook while on vacation in New Hampshire, and I needed a new one. I had been using a pretty standard moleskin notebook (graph lined) though I happen to go by an amazing mercantile in downtown Portsmouth, Pickwicks, and I found the Voyager Notebook line from Peter Pauper Press.

Light blue voyager notebook from the company's website.ALT

The Voyager notebook is larger than the smaller moleskin I had been using though still fits inside my pocket (more in my joggers than jeans) and easily within my everyday carry bag. My mechanical pencil with the .7 lead easily fits within the folio and the drawstring keeps it closed tightly.

The great design behind the Voyager is that it is more folio than a true notebook. Inside it holds several thin softbound notebooks secured together you can have different styles for different purposes. The Voyager I bought came with three notebooks (lined, dotted, and unlined) as well as two small pouches. These have been perfect as I am often bifurcating my thoughts into different buckets (e.g. one notebook for quick lists, another for writing notes, etc.) to help calm my chaotic thoughts. The company also sells different notebook options on its website as well as other inserts so once I fill up the smaller notebooks I can refill the Voyager and keep writing.