This is an interesting article on popular PKM solution Roam from Roam Research. I have never used the service myself though I have used bidirectional apps in like Obsidian and written about personal KM and also having a 2nd brain.

I believed that if I used it, I’d learn more from my experiences because I wouldn’t forget them. I’d take away more lessons from the books I’d read because I’d always have them close at hand. I’d make better decisions, produce better writing, and maybe my hair would even start to look as lustrous as Conor’s

I think this a sliding scale. Since I’ve begun taking more/better notes via apps I have a better system for organizing my thoughts though I don’t think this applies to everything. I remember things I would have better and also the things where I would have remembered less or forgot I now remember.

It turns out that I am rarely in a position, while writing or thinking, where I want to glance through lots of old notes as a way to figure out what to say or do. Mostly that feels like sifting through stale garbage.

My goal is less about discovery and more about letting my brain draw conclusions without relying specifically on recall. This allows my brain to make connections and my 2nd brain to get the content.