I read Why I’m Leaning Obsidian — MacSparky and it made think about the 2nd Brain video I had seen and written about in a prior post , which highlights a burgeoning convergence in knowledge management software options and productivity.

Knowledge work is not about facts nor recall, but instead about synthesizing information and making connections between disparate concepts and ideas to create something new. The 2nd Brain concept is about building that networking tool externally.

There are several different applications in addition to Obsidian that are also being highlighted as key components in building out a “2nd Brain” or “Operating System for your Life”.

Knowledge Management Apps


A second brain, for you, forever.


Built for digital devices from the ground up, Craft brings back the joy to writing


All-in-one workspace One tool for your whole team. Write, plan, and get organized.

Roam Research

A note-taking tool for networked thought.

Devon Think

Get Organized — Unleash Your Creativity

And then there are different more traditional note taking apps, which integrate your calendar into your notes to also help act as a personal operating system that integrates date/time with your personal knowledge graph.

Note/Calendar Apps


Date-Focused Note Taking

Note Plan

Calendar Driven Note Taking