The world has quickly moved from remote being a perk to being nexessity. Many haven’t worked remotly before or are trying to adjust to working remotely in a role where it hadn’t been imagined. In a prior role I spent two years working with a remote team and now work about one day a week remotely so I have some experience working outside a traditional office setting. There have been some interesting resources available as both management and employees have to adapt to a shifted paradigm.

I have in included a few articles on remote work below that could be helpful to those beginning to work remotely for the first time or working remotely on a more intense basis.

There is also the upcoming webinar tomorrow on how to work abroad.

Episode Description The world has already been moving toward supporting remote workers and globally distributed teams. Now with COVID–19, record numbers of people are being told to work from home on short notice. In this conversation, Sacha Connor, Founder of Virtual Work Insider will share strategies for individuals and companies to cope with the new remote reality and how to turn remote work into a strength.

We’ll talk about:

  • Strategies and pitfalls as you go remote.
  • How to keep the work and creative output high despite not colocating.
  • Sacha’s story of building a remote work capability at a Fortune 500 company.
  • Activities, tips, and tools for productive remote work.

If you have questions for Sacha, send them to or share via Twitter with #IDEOUsacha. We’ll also take live questions during the event.

I hope everyone is staying safe. If anyone has any tips about remote work I would love to know. Please comment below or email me at george (at)