As 2019 comes to an end, I am trying to look back at the year and figure out my plans for the new year. In looking thru my late post from last year, which in wrote in April (so I am ahead in that sense) and it highlight a few goals: move away from a my old blogging platform, better organize my photo collection, learn python, and work on a taxonomy at work.

In review, I did move away from Blogger and am now hosting this on Tumblr, which I have been very happy with so far. The search functionality is not great though the creation aspect seems more fluid and their mobile app is also rather good (though does not seem to support markdown, which I would appreciate). I still have some general housekeeping needs in terms of exporting my old posts away from the old service.

I did not make any progress on organizing photos, which is only being further exacerbated with more and more photos from family events and other activities. I definitely need to spend some time working on plan and going thru my collection to remove duplicates, blurry photos and simply photos I don’t want to keep. Alongside, the photo arrangement I need to do the same for my music collection (yes, I am a dinosaur and still rely on a downloaded music collection as opposed to a streaming service). Rather than blurry photos though is music tastes that were ethereal or transitory in nature or songs that no longer apply to my collection. I should look further at a streaming service though that is another expense that I don’t want to add onto my currently subscription list.

I have not made many attempts to learn python though we have access to Linked Learning so I should spend some time trying to skill up in that area this year. Alternatively, we onboarded Salesforce this year at MPOW and that would be another skillup area as well.

The taxonomy development at work is proceeding. I have done some analysis on terminology for commonly used queries and have been creating a faceted model for a new naming convention. The trouble is though I need to make sure it makes sense to others in the office and also allows for future growth in query development. I need to discuss testing with some key stakeholders and then begin working on changing over to the new model on a limited basis. I hope to make more process in the spring on this project and have more information to share on the progress.