I was excited to learn that Tumblr is being purchased by the company behind Wordpress. I was not a deep devotee to the Tumblr community though I do know people love the service. I felt like it languished under Yahoo and I would say it was under benign neglect while under Verizon’s ownership.

Since Tumblr itself is a hyper-focused community within content platform I could see how it would suffer within a big box corporate structure. The larger you are the harder it is to be a nimble operation that keeps up with user demands and is able innovate.

I haven’t spent serious time with Wordpress other than knowing it is “the” web platform for bloggers and websites these days. I do like how Auttomatic focuses solely on blogging so they will really be a position to help Tumblr continue to build their community with more benevolent oversight. (I also like how Auttomatic is a remote company!) I have talked about moving this blog away from Blogger, which I feel doesn’t meet even my minimal blog requirements these days, which given my recent frequency in posting is not much. I had looked at Wordpress for my personal blog though that seems too much/more than I need.

I like how Tumblr is part of the open internet (i.e. a collection of pages) like an old style blog though also has the social component that you’d find in a less old social network (I’m not sure what the latest trend would be…).

I had thought about moving everything over and then changing the domain information though today I simply turned the switch so georgedpr.com now points over to Tumblr. It may break things and I will need to slowly move over my backlog though I can do that as I need to going forward. All my posts will be landing here now and I will just need to handle the backfill as I can when I can.