I have written about my battles with the earbuds before on the blog and while I had decided on the Anker Earbuds I ended up sticking with the branded Apple earpods longer due to simple inertia. It wasn’t till this past January that I decided to finally purchase a non-Apple branded set. Due to the fact that I had sent my earbuds thru the washer one last time and that I was tired of having earbuds crammed into my ears I decided to go with an on ear model. I ended up going with the Lasmex HB–65, which were well priced and had decent reviews. My expectations were mainly that I wouldn’t send them thru the wash as easily as the EarPods and also that they would have generally better sound (plus have some better capability for isolating me from office chatter than EarPods). After six-months use that included travel, office use and also use around the house The Lasmex HB–65 have some strong features to recommend them.


1) Design: The headphones collapse/fold up easily for easier storage and packing. Plus, the headphones are large enough to not get lost accidentally (unless someone puts them away in the wrong place or your house is plagued by house elves) nor is it easy to accidentally wash them like EarPods.

2) Cost: They are inexpensive when compared to other on-ear headphones (and even other airbus) with them being comparable in cost to Apple’s Earpods.

3)Bluetooth: Since Apple and Google have both eliminated the headphone jack on their phone line up Bluetooth headphones save the need for an adapter and also allow you to charge your phone while listening.


1) Bluetooth: The Bluetooth works well enough for music though even though they advertise that you can take phone calls I wouldn’t recommend it. Whenever I receive a call while listening to music and try to answer the person can’t generally hear me and when I initiate the call the call starts fine though their are invariably sound issues.