This weeks marks the start of WWDC 2017, which is Apples developer conference. As with past developers conferences Apple holds a keynote laying out the plans for their major platforms and even releasing product information.

For a rundown on the announcements this check out the article in Wired or the the NY Times,which provide an overview of the announcements.

I found the presentation the most interesting during the hardware sections: iMac Pro, iPad Pro and the HomePod. The iMac Pro shows the continued attempt by Apple to woo the professional community, which had felt abandoned with the dwindling support for the Mac Pro. I think this is a great move as “Pro” users needs vary and an iMac Pro could fit that niche between a regular iMac and Mac Pro. I had heard the Mac Pro was going thru a complete redesign, which was needed so we shall see how the two systems compare once the Mac Pro is complete. Apple may be largely a consumer phone company these days thru mindshare it is the Pro community that I think really pushes at they have their hearts set on the bleeding edge.

The iPad Pro is not a device that I have a use for in my workflow. Though I have seen it used to great affect in doctors offices, which I think is a perfect environment. The iPad Pro provides a laptop-light product for users need a screen and acccess to information though not necessarily a full laptop. It may be the largest maket though it is important for Apple to be in the market.

With the Google Home and Amazon Echo Apple needed to release a product like the Homepod though at the current price and the focus placed largely on music I wonder if it is too little too late.

What did y’all think about the keynote?