Apple is reporting a decline in Mac sales, which is interesting as while the entire vertical suffered PC gains were made by some manufacturers. I think this is resulting from a combination cultural shifts in computer usage and the changes in product strategy for the Mac. I’ve written about my conflicted thoughts on the new MacBook Pro though there is also what is seen as the abandonment of the true high end pro market with the Mac Pro. While Tim Cook has assured Mac users that they have an exciting Mac road map many diehard users have been disappointed. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the next year.

I think another factor is that many users don’t need a computer for many tasks these days. People are living on their phones (particularly since iPhone 6 introduced the extra large screen). I find myself doing more my phone (including writing), which means getting a ultra new Mac isn’t necessarily top of my list. I still want a new Mac (ever with my consternation over the new laptops) though it has a different level of urgency.