This year has been a year of change on the blog and throughout my professional career trajectory. The blog has settled roughly into a once of month affair, which is less than I had hoped so I am hoping to improve in 2017. At the end of last year, I switched from writing via a web interface to writing via an app, Byword, which has allowed me to write more frequently in smaller time frames (i.e. waiting in line) and also without needing a laptop. This has been great though there some features missing from the web interface such as being able to schedule posts and also share the Google Plus (which has some seo benefits. Though those drawbacks are small compared to being able to have your content saved in a text file and easily accessible outside the blogger CMS.

I have just hit my year anniversary at a new Day Job(TM), and am further bullish on embedded librarianship. I think it is a power future for the profession and also provides real value to organizations. Knowledge workers continue to need support while completing their everyday work and any information/data system requires a champion/expert to help manage the informaton and the tool. Too often practioners are asked to manage the tools they use (or there is no overall management) and spend time managing/finding information where they should be making widgets (i.e. whatever their core function). Having a librarian on staff on help manage the tool and also free up principals to focus on their main duties. I had the chance to speak about being an embedded librarianin 2015 and would love to chance to to speak again on the topic.

I have a few new projects lined up in the New Year (more on that later) though in the meantime you can find me on the following services:

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  • I can also be found via email at george (at) this domain dot com if you’re looking to contact me about a project etc. Happy New Year!