On Microsoft’s Windows blog they are touting the success of their Suface line with specific mention that they are growth in switchers from the MacBook in light of the recent disappointment in the new MacBook Pro. For me, I am seriously looking at my next step from a hardware perspective. I am running a MacBook Pro now and the new MacBook Pro does not entice me to upgrade. I dislike the elimination of all ports save for the USB C port and the Touch Bar does not sell me.

I may look at the the MacBook Air though that is many ways is simply stalling as it seems like Apple is no longer as invested in the Mac since the iPhone took off. There is part of me that finds this sad as I love the Mac OS and the small developer community that has been built up around the Mac platform. (That is the downside of being invested in an ecosystem fully owned by a company that owns the software and hardware stack.) I don’t really know where I can go from here in terms of platform. Windows does not appeal to me so that leaves me with options from the open source community or niche experiments like Chrome OS or staying with the Mac and hoping the hardware roadmap changes. My preference is to stay with the Mac though only time will tell.