Google launched their new phone, the Pixel, last week to good buzz and then an opportunity given the literal meltdown of the new Samsung Note 7. Given the turmoil at Samsung many Android users of high end phones could run embrace Google’s new offering. Though having recently watched the keynote for the Pixel again it has struck me how this is a Google trying to out-do Apple at their own game.

Everything from how the phone was presented during the event to the phone specifications seem to align to with the Apple vision for the iPhone. This is interesting as while the Nexus phones always seemed more like conceptual experiments to help show what Android is about this phone seems like an actual product and this is marks then second large software comapany to move in part to making their own hardware (the first being Microsoft) in recent times.

After the keynote I don’t regret upgrading to the iPhone 7 and there isn’t much overly compelling about the Pixel that would draw me away from the Apple ecosystem. Frankly, I think that is hardest part about making any OS switch these days: buying new apps, setting up new services as needed. If anyone has a Pixel and loves it (or hates it) I would love to hear your thoughts.