Last week Ben Lovejoy at 9to5 Mac wrote about Microsoft accidently leaking the super-secret code to a back door built into its Surface devices (see David Sparks excellant comments and link) as proof that Apple was right to fight the FBI when they asked Apple to create a back-door so they could unlock phones to search for evidence in various court cases. The FBI argued that Apple could simply keep this back-door information secured in their labs and no-one else need ever see the information so their would be no threat to the iPhone userbase that malicious actors would ever get ahold of the information. Apple had argued that if they were to create such a back-door then it would be out in the world and it would be impossible to keep secure for long. Microsofts seems to have proven Apple’s point at the expense of its users. I don’t pretend to have the answers to the security vs encryption debate though we are clearly in a place where the current laws and technology are at an impasse and regular users are caught in the middle.