The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference keynote for 2016 focused on improvements for their three major platforms - iOS, OS X macOS, and watchOS. As with past conferences, the next OS release builds upon improvements to performance (specifically for the watch) and also continued improvements to how the different platforms share information (Apple is clearly sending a message that if you have a single Apple device you should collect a full set for the full features). I found the most interesting section to be how their intergrating differential privacy into their future projects to compete so they can leverage what they know about each user to improve their experience while also respecting the user’s privacy^. At the same time Apple also announce a revamped Music app^^ which provides a “For You” section with music curated for you based on prior purchases alongside as radio stations like Beats 1, which launched last year alonside Apple Music and is curated via human dejays. The Apple Music being revamped the Apple News^^^ app is also being given a remodel as well as a For You section with curated stories based upon user topic selection and breaking stories chosen by Apple editors. Both developments show that Apple continues to leverage both algorithims and human curation to provide better experienes to users. (As a librarian I find the use of human curation alongside computational curation curious and rather exciting).

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