Recently Bizwomen published an article on three librarians who started a business inteligence company, Bizologie, to support the business research needs for Austin-area venture capital firms. In a traditional special library model companies would have researchers in an information center or special library to handle these requests though as the article most elequently states from one the company principals, Lindsey Schell, “small to mid-size firms cannot afford an in-house research team, but in order to stay competitive with their peers, they still need that data”. The firms need the data though needs someone with the skills, vertical knowledge, and experience to pull together the right report so they’ve partnered with Bizologie to fill that niche.

Bizologie’s success highlights how librarians have to innovate to expand their working environmental beyond traditional library settings. As I have written before, librarians are more than a building filled with books and provide valuable resources beyond simply being gatekeepers. As more librarians take on alternative roles and positions outside the library we’re poised not only educate the greater business community about value and also change the perception of librarianship within our own community.

How these three librarians are becoming major players in business research by Melissa Wylie ( Published on: 01.27.2016 and Accessed on: 02.07.2016