In past two months I have had the occasion to speak twice on the matter of embedded librarianship. Once for the SLA Georgia Chapter at a Lunch and Learn event and once for the SLA Embedded Librarian caucus via webinar (for information on slides and the presentations please see below). I enjoyed both engagments immensely it was great to connect with other librarians doing embedded work and also hear about librarians interested in emebedded librarianship.

Embedded librarianship is a topic I am particularly passionate about as I believe it is the future of the profession yet it is not often considering when many people consider library school or many employers consider in their operating culture. Most people imagine librarians sitting among stacks of books in a small brick building though organizations often have “hidden” data & information needs that are created during the business process (especially in businesses that revolve around the knowledge economy). For instance, a CRM for tracking sales leads or document repository for storing marketing proposals where having an embedded librarian can bring extensive value. I hope to continue to be able to speak on the topic and I hope to convince other librarians and organizations that having an embedded librarian can be a real asset.

Presentation: For information on the presentation for SLA Georgia Chapter please see the main chapter website. The presentation for the SLA Embedded Librarian causus hasn’t been posted yet though it will be soon.