This blog is a continual project. It has been restarted and reborn several times over powered by different platforms and focusing on different content. I cannot help but compare the experience to comicbook publishers periodically restarting a prominent series as new writers or artists onboard (often through killing or changing the main character so it is unrecognizable to prior fans). Sometimes a character needs a fresh perspective from a new team and it is best to declare story bankruptcy and begin anew.

Similarly, I have decided to retool the blog and begin the blog anew. The blog’s main goal has always been to share and develop my thoughts on technology, and librarianship (plus some readers advisory and pop culture thrown in for good measure). The viewpoint will stay the same though hopefully with more frequent and better posts. The frequency of the blog posts has always been varied depending on several factors such as the news cycle and the various facets throughout my life, which can make more regular posts a challenge. Though I am hoping through making the posting/writing process more efficient I can put out more posts. The major changes to the blog will be as follows:

1) Platform: I have been using Blogger for years (prior to that I was hosting the blog myself) and thought about changing though Blogger still offers a great feature set (built in mobile version, custom domain set-up) for a reasonable price (i.e. free).

2) Content: Working in information management I am more distressed by my content being caught up in a single platform so I am streamlining my creation process (more on the specifics later) and will be writing all future posts in plain text so I can retain a master copy of the content, and then (hopefully) using markdown to prepare the post for publication.

3)Focus: The blog has often been veered in various directions concerning topics covered (everything from technology blogging to reviews etc.) I will be refocusing the blog a series of topics that where i think my voice has a particular value-add: librarianship (and being a librarian in the 21st century), and technology (with a slight focus on Apple), and also work (remote work and productivity. I will be moving the reviews and other more personal posts to my personal blog

4) Organization: Alongside the changes to focus I will be re-cataloging the entries using a faceted taxonomy so anyone looking for a particular topic will be able to find it much easier. The schema will be as follows:

Librarian – Content Management
Librarian – Embedded Librarian
Librarian – Information Management
Librarian – Library
Librarian – Technology
Librarian – Taxonomy
Librarian – Knowledge Management
Librarian – Personal Brand
Librarian – Librarianship
Technology – Apple
Technology – Email
Technology – Mobile
Technology – Social Media
Technology – Internet Access
Work – Productivity
Work – Remote Work

5)Archives: As mentioned above, the content for this site has varied over the years thought the older posts will remain in the archives and accessible as much as some of the older posts make me internally wince they are part of the process (plus the archivist in can’t bare to remove them).