Last week Ron Miller wrote on Techcrunch about the persistent issue of knowledge sharing in the enterprise space focused around how identity and security are looked at as two different disciplines yet they are really two reflections of the same goal. While the article focused on security this issue persists throughout the enterprise environment across many different departments and not just within security and identity. Information and knowledge gets trapped inside departments and internal working groups without a concerted effort to push it between teams. There are many tools to facilitate knowledge and information sharing though without building a sharing culture those tools often go underutilized. Being an information or knowledge champion is the perfect role for a corporate information professionals/librarian. Librarians have been sharing and organizing information for centuries and connecting people with information across the organization is a perfect fit for their skill set.

As champions librarians can set-up knowledge transfer systems and help facilitate knowledge capture through acting as information hubs throughout the organization.

1) The Audit: Librarians can speak with key principals and staff across different departments to understand what they're working on currently and the trends in their group.

2) Knowledge Access: As mentioned earlier, there are several tools available to capture and organize information within an organization. The librarian can mange the repository ensuring any taxonomy is followed and items are cataloged correctly (plus advocating for including documents in the system in the first place across the organization).

3) Knowledge Connection(s): Through understanding what the different groups throughout an organization are working on (and their goals) the librarian can help facilitate dialog between teams working on similar projects across different teams.

The Enterprise Silo Problem Exists by Ron Miller ( Published on: 06/14/2015 and Accessed on: 06/15/2015