From an article today on Recode by Dawn Chmielewski Millennials Spend More Time Watching TV on Other Devices:
"A new study from Deloitte finds that teens and young twentysomethings spend more time watching movies and television shows on their computers, smartphones and tablets than they do on their TV screens."
I am at the old end of the millennial generation and I find this to be true in my viewing habits. We have a great TV set though I often enjoying watching movies or TV on my tablet or computer. As the article also mentions this change will alter the landscape for TV consumption and also for TV tracking (i.e. Nielsens) to determine ratings. 

Secondly, the article also touches on additional screens:
"The Deloitte survey confirmed that most viewers split their attention between watching TV and glancing at another screen to browse the web, read email, send text messages or use a social network. Some 86 percent of U.S. consumers said they are multitaskers — though few are turning to their smartphones or tablets to get information related to the program they’re watching."
When I am watching shows or movies on TV I almost always have my laptop or tablet nearby to look-up actors on IMDB, search for something that I might see on the show or the show triggers me to look up. As more users adopt a second screen while consuming media content creators have an opportunity to leverage additional content toward that screen or build interactive elements into the content. Though they will need to have the vision to capitalize on the moment.