I was going to write a post about the recent article from Techcrunch concerning the revamped "Inbox Pause" utility from Baydin, which allows users to "pause" their email delivery so they can interact with their inbox at their schedule. (The company behind the utility, Baydin, makes the plugin Boomerang, which runs for Gmail, and Outlook.)

Though today I ran across the article from Time magazine entitled 5 Email Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs from Martha C. White, which covers the destructive habits we build around email usage. Among the tips in the article the author mentions how important it is claim back your time from your inbox.

Newly Updated “Inbox Pause” Utility Lets You Check Email on Your Schedule, Not Theirs by Sarah Perez (http://techcrunch.com/2014/03/06/newly-updated-inbox-pause-utility-lets-you-check-email-on-your-schedule-not-theirs/) Published on: 06.06.2014 and Accessed on: 03.14.2014

5 Email Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs by Martha C. White (http://time.com/25472/5-email-mistakes-that-are-basically-killing-you/) Published on: 03.17.204 and Accessed on: 03.18.2014