Last week Techcrunch ran an article about Rebump, which is an online service that integrates with Gmail and automatically resends (aka. rebumps) your email to someone if they haven't replied. The article in Techcrunch claims this is the worst aspect of email, and that you will be universally hated if you use the service. While I think using Rebump for every email would be a mistake I think saying that it could never be useful or you'd be hated if you used it is mistake.

Email is the universal medium though everyone interacts with their email with a specific process that matches their preferences, and needs. I have worked with folks who have 2 emails in their inbox and that makes them crazy and I have worked with folks who have over 1,000 emails in their inbox (That used to me be though no longer; though no judgement if that is your style.) The person who is agonizing over the 2 emails in their inbox won't benefit from Rebump though it could be valuable to the person who has over a 1,000. Depending on the intended recipient Rebump could be a valuable tool to help surface those important communications that you need to finish a project, move forward with a client etc.

Meet Rebump, The Worst Thing About Email by Alex Wilhelm ( Published on: 02.28.2014 and Accessed on: 03.07.2014