While video can be used for book trailers or virtual library tours video in a special library setting video is more often associated with training. Within a corporate environment training is a constant occurrence and building a collection of video tutorials can help onboard new employees or help experienced employees brush up their skills. Since the training is recorded it can be completed on the trainees schedule and accessible across the organization. Yet as the library becomes a less physical space in corporations and more a virtual concept video could also be used as a gateway to the information commons (i.e. the virtual library tour mentioned above). With offices across the country and around the world information professionals can be states or countries away from their users so a video explaining research services could provide the connection between researcher and librarian.

Video could also used to preserve knowledge through capturing interviews with subject or process experts at the organization. When employees retiree or leave the organization their knowledge is often lost and preserving it through interviews allows the organization to transfer that knowledge to other employees. Its would also allow the organization to benchmark process information to preserve historical methods and also help inform future improvements.