I have written previously about email, and the love/hate relationship I have with my inbox. Hardly cutting edge, email has become a utility as it is a simple communication medium with many free options and accessible on countless devices.

I have several email accounts linked to my phone and check my mail regularly. I use the standard Mail app that comes with my iPhone though have tried other apps like Gmail, Mailbox, and Yahoo mail. I find the unified inbox built into mail to be most versatile client available. It may not have as many features as other clients, but having all my mail in a unified inbox is too valuable, and far outweighs any shortfalls.

Email can also be a valuable information dissemination tool though it is important to focus on email as an information transfer tool rather than an information repository.  Relying on email to store information can a make it hard to differentiate the signal vs. noise as emails in your inbox intermingle.