I have recently taken on the position of Public Relations Chair for the Taxonomy Division of the Special Libraries Association. I was honored to be asked to join the board and will do my best to support the division during my tenure. I have spent the past week or so getting my feet wet, and look forward to working for the division in the upcoming year.

I have posted information on upcoming events at the SLA conference hosted by the division in an earlier post and I would highly recommend anyone who is at the conference to check them out. There are some great offering this year on taxonomy development, ontologies etc.

I will probably be posting more about the division events in the upcoming weeks as my tenure moves forward. I also want to note that the division has also recently launched a new website at taxonomy.sla.org that will have information on the division and our upcoming events.

I am happy to take questions on my blog or via twitter (@georgedpr) should anyone have any questions about the division.