The title of this post may be idealistic, and sugary, but that’s how I feel about information. That’s the reason that I went to library school; connecting people to information. There is nothing that makes me happier than knowing someone found a book, quote, or online article via a taxonomy I designed or reference help. The nature of the content is irrelevant. Whether the person is looking for War and Peace or the latest Harlequin novel or trying to find a map of the Galapagos Islands the search is the important factor. I believe the search for understanding is a key factor in the human condition. Many actions that seem grounded in the mundane have roots in the search for understanding. Attending school, travel or having a conversation with the stranger all come from a search for understanding. Some could argue how does the latest romance novel help people understand the world? I would respond that the enjoyment of novels might lead to better understanding of oneself or simply give someone an evenings escape so they can better face the next day. Either way the person gains insight into the world.