While late to start and late to finish I complete 23 Things this evening. Since I am a newly minted MLS graduate this is my first real experience being a joiner for an SLA event. I’ll have to admit that I enjoyed the online tutorials and enjoyed building this blog. I am a constant dabbler in technology. I wouldn’t go as far to say that I am an early adopter, but I like to tentatively try new web services or find programs that help me work smarter rather than harder. I will admit that I had experience with several of the services that the 23 Things program outlined, but there were a few that I had not experienced or had not had the chance for trying them first hand.

In the final blog post in the series I thought I might show an alternative or two for some of the services that were shown on the 23 Things modules. I think the staff responsible for developing the program did a great job of showing the technology inherent in many services, and since they couldn’t cover everything I thought I would provide a little context.

        An alternative to You Tube Viddler caters to the business world while You Tube caters more to the consumer market. Much like Paypal wants to be your shopping cart Viddler wants to be your video service.

The service lets users imbed the Viddler player in their site while changing the players look and adding the users logo/brand to the player.

Web Personalities/Service that Use Viddler:
  • Wine Library TV (Gary Vaynerchuk’s video blog)
Twitter, Plurk (Microblogging)

The trend toward microblogging has exploded in the past few years. Mircoblogging refers to short text messages (normally no more than 140 characters) that are sent out in bursts to a select group of followers. They include information like “waiting for the train” or “check out this link: http://www.example.com”. Different people have used the services for different purposes. I personally didn’t quite understand the allure until trying it out and now I can understand for those who like to remain in close contact with their friends, colleagues or family it could be an invaluable tool.

Though what began as true inside baseball with only the techno-elite participating has made large strides toward the mainstream. Newly installed President Obama has won accolades from many for using social media services including Twitter to help him get elected. Celebrities like Britney Spears have also moved into the microblogging sphere. There are different services that offer microblogging, but the one with the visibility is Twitter which pioneered the model.