The next section on the 23 Things site brings everything together from the previous modules. While previous we went over RSS feeds or tagging the next module is about online software. There are several services that help users organize their workflow to help work smarter rather than harder. Some of the ones that the module highlighted: Remember the Milk, Zoho Docs and Mindomo though there are several other services out there as well. The main draw for the services is they help aggregate content on the web or your wholly created content to make your work easier. Another benefit is that since the data lives in the cloud you can access it from anywhere with a working internet connection.

For those interested in learning more about developing their organization kung-fu there are some great websites that provide excellant content for helping users work better. The well-known site Lifehacker is well-known for providing innovative solutions for life’s problems both big and small. Though my personal favorite is the 43 Folders site created by the talented Merlin Mann (who is kinda like the Confucius of the productivity space). The site is a mix of general ruminations on living amid the information packed 21st century and general ruminations on life. While note particularly always relevant to the your situation Merlin is always interesting to read and most often amusing in some capacity.

One site that I stumbled across that is both a great collaboration tool and a rather neat database management system or DBMS is Dabble DB. The site brings the usability of blogger or type-pad to the database space online. It allows for importation of data from a website or spreadsheet or for the user simply begin entering data from the start. They also have unique pricing structure. They have a thirty day free trial and then you either choose to play of the premium service or you release your data on a creative commons license (i.e. give everyone access). I signed up for a free trial account and have some ideas about how to use the site, but I will definitely have to play with the interface more. For a good tutorial about the product check this little video put together by the dev team behind the site.