About the Site

The Mission:
The blog consists mostly about me writing about my experience working as a 21st century librarian. The profession is at a crossroads: no longer are librarians the gatekeepers to information spending their time protecting shelves upon shelves of books and manuscripts. Instead information is everywhere (see the "knowledge economy") and librarians are not always part of the picture. Information organization, information literacy, and life long learning are all core aspects of librarianship that even more important in the digital world. 

Other Information:
The blog began in one form or another through the 23 Things initiative through the Special Libraries Association. I had started playing with the internet years earlier (I can remember purchasing my first domain name in 2001), and had started/stopped various websites and journals (see online journals) since those early bubbly days, but the 23 Things project finally stuck (sort-of). To be honest my attention to the blog has varied and I have ported between different services (and even hosted in myself), but I find myself returning to Blogger. I have several different services and Blogger seems to offer the best combination of options and ease of use for the time being. 


This blog represents my thoughts, ideas and impressions on a variety of topics. The ideas expressed here represent my thoughts alone and not those of any group I am a member, nor employer, nor anything other entity I am somehow affiliated with in some manner. I also reserve the right to delete any comments on the blog or site should I deem it necessary.