I am a librarian (or informational professional if that is your preference) who focuses on building and deploying systems for capturing, analyzing and organizing information. I specialize in data management, knowledge management, and building focused taxonomies/ontologies for information retrieval.

I currently work as an embedded librarian at large law firm though I have worked in small research centers, large government digital repositories, and academic libraries. Some have questioned whether librarianship (and librarians) are still relevant in the 21st century and I think our work is more important than ever. Information is everywhere, and while the containers have changed (i.e.books) information still needs to be managed, organized, and curated.

For more information on my experience and background check out my Linkedin profile. As time allows I am available for consulting projects and speaking engagements. Please feel free to contact me via email george (at) georgedpr.com or on Twitter.

Prior to becoming a librarian I worked for a wonderful small independent comicbook store for many years where I have some great memories. I sometimes write about geek life, comic books and other esoteric topics on my personal site.