As you may remember a while ago I bought a pair of Bluetooth headphones, Lasmex HB–65, which worked great for a good long while (probably a year) and then they suddenly stopped working/wouldn’t turn on anymore with any reliability. Then I tried another set of Bluetooth headphones, the Riwbox XBT–80 , though the plastic connecting the two earphones proved faulty and broke plus the Bluetooth failed.

While I don’t work in an open officeI do share space with a co-worker and work adjacent to a small cube farm* so headphones are rather helpful for the ability to concentrate and block out the surroundings.

I then returned to brandless earbuds and an adapter from Apple though now I am using the HB–65s with a corded headphone jack, which has been nice as they have some features beyond the earbuds as I am to have some passive noise reduction by simply having on-ear headphones. In my continually progress toward being more productive I have been reading more about hybrid task management from the Sweet Setup, which combines an analog notebook and task manager. Part of the process is listening to music that helps you concentrate and focus without letting your mind wander so I have been trying to listen to more music to help with concentration as opposed to podcasts.

I am still looking for a good daily driver notebook and to complement my tasks list, which is interesting as I’ve been a fan of notebooks and fine pens since childhood (though then it was spriral notebooks and bic pens). I have tried moleskin notebooks and more recently the Life A5 though the I’ve had thr issues with the bindings on moleskins and the Life A5 is too big to use for a daily notebook. I think it would be a spiritual successor to the bullet journal though not quite so formal.

*A single large room sub-divided into seperate cubicles.