Thursday, September 7, 2017

Apple Music Market Last Among Streaming Services

Today on 9to5 Mac Ben Lovejoy writes about how Apple Music’s market share is last among streaming services overall though 1st among the 18–24 market. Furthermore, the overall rankings data included the free tier for other services such as Spotify and Pandora. Apple does not offer a free tier so you’re really comparing different data sets. When you look at the paid services alone the article shows that Apple leads the market among the 18–24 market as well as the 25–34 market, and it is tied for the lead amongst the 35+ crowd. This has been where Apple has always enjoyed being in this place the past concerning their products (see the Mac which had a small market share compared to the PC though generated more money per unit sold.) Apple has never needed to be the biggest in anything and seems to focus on providing value. The added bonus is the continuing growth in Apple’ services revenu.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

iOS vs Android

Furthering the discussion on Android fragmentation is this article from Mashable about the duel between iOS and Android. The article basically points out that any choice between the two is more about the ecosystem as any true switch is not made lightly. I couldn’t agree more. You’ve probably purchased apps, created specific workflows and found a phone that is “yours”. That is a lot of inertia to overcome.
Though embedded in the article though was small note about the number of phones running the latest Android version and its 13.5%, which makes the newest features for Android moot for the majority of users. Anecdotally, I doubt this is from users not wanting the latest release and that many budget android phones don’t have the capacity to run the system, loading the update requires rooting the phone and/or the manufacturer/carrier has delayed the update for a specific reason. (For contrast, the article also states iPhones running the latest software are around 87%.) As I said in my prior post, that is one of the main reasons I am sticking the iPhone (also at this point I have I invested a ton in apps, iTunes music, and other hardware in the ecosystem beyond the phone).
Since the last post though I had a fantastic colleague recommend the Moto G5 as a great android phone that has stock Android phone with stock Android (which makes sense given as Motorola Mobility was owned by Google briefly before sold it to Lenovo). I have also heard accolades for the recent Blackberry phones running Android (not sure on specific phone model; though I guess it is more of another company licensing the Blackberry name, which may explain why it has left the Blackberry behind.
If you have an Android phone you enjoy or think is particularly awesome I would love to hear about.